Oliver Bentley

出生于英国伦敦,本科毕业于世界著名学府-牛津大学, 专业为应用语言学与东方汉语研究。与北京大学,复旦大学均有交换生经历,深谙中西方语言及文化差异。发音为英国最为标准的牛津贵族口音,因发音极其优雅,高中时即被学校选中,担任播音员及校活动主持人。


How do you do? My name is Oliver Bentley. I was born in London and read linguistics and Sinology at the University of Oxford. I also participated in exchange programmes at Peking University and Fudan University, leaving me with a deep appreciation of Chinese culture and the differences between English and Chinese. We work tirelessly to give our students an authentically British education. Not only do we emphasize English language skills, but foster a Western-style way of thinking. With us, your child will truly be able to benefit from language excellence and discover Western civilization.

I look forward to meeting you! As the saying goes, “education is the best provision for old age.”

Cathy Cao

本科毕业于国内211,985院校,英语专业八级。研究生就读于世界排名前二十的英国爱丁堡大学,教育研究专业硕士毕业(英国就读)。 留英教学3年后回沪,从事少儿英语、青少年英语、企业英文培训(培训过的公司有强生,微软等)教学6年以上,曾就职于新东方等教育机构。